Explainer Video Style for Your Business

Explainer videos are videos that are engaging and fun, they explain a service or product in less than two (2) minutes or more and show up in various forms or styles, for example, black and white drawings, cute animated characters and colorful motion graphics. Every Explainer video style speaks its own language to target different audience, but which is the right Explainer video style for your business?

explainer videos

Here are the five (5) most popular Explainer video styles and why marketers prefer each one of them for your business.

Stop Motion and Claymation

Claymation and Stop motion videos are creative and designed in a style that gives a more “life-like” quality to the characters in your explainer or business video. They have warm, very inviting, and nostalgic style. However, they are more expansive and its production is time consuming. Therefore, if you’re looking for a more lively video presentation for your business that’s inviting and creative, stop motion or Claymation is perfect to suit your style.

Motion Graphic

These are the most colorful, attractive, and straightforward in presenting facts videos. They are the same as whiteboard videos but motion graphic videos present more facts. They can use various styles of fonts and comes with more options. They are also very effective and clear, but they’re not quite creative as some of the other videos. These videos are good for mature and professional audiences when presenting something complicated in a clear way. But if your business needs to appeal to a younger audience or involve more creativity, you might need to consider another style.

2D Animated Explainer Video

2D Animation style is one of the most creative styles available, and it’s also popular. This style provides the incredible possibilities based on characters and colors that can be used and it offers you the ability to control over your explainer video. With this style you can request specific things, for example, if you want a character to be male or female and what hair or color tie or he or she will have. Although there really isn’t any downside of 2D explainer videos, they are not perfect for every situation but for most scenarios and businesses, this is the way to go. It offers a lot of options and gives you flexibility that is why they are popular.

3D Animation Videos

This is a current style that has amazing quality and lots of options. However, they are expensive and take long to produce. Therefore, if you’re looking create something unique that stands out and wow your audience 3D is the greatest way to do so. >> Read more here about explainer videos.

All explainer videos are designed in different styles for one purpose, which is to explain a service or product in an engaging way and increase conversions by 25% or more. On the contrary, there are many explainer video styles and each of these styles speaks its own language to target specific audience while other styles look great for certain kind of services or products. However, to get an Explainer video of your preferred style you need to hire a good explainer video production company and you must also consider other factors such as cost and your target audience. Hence, you will get a video style that suits your business better.